Poll: Democrats Oppose Certifying Trump Win

A majority of Democrats oppose certifying the Electoral College vote if former President Donald Trump wins in November, according to a new poll. The position comes as the former president has taken the lead in most national polls and appears poised to defeat President Joe Biden in November.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 57% of Democrats said that they would oppose certifying a future Trump win. This includes almost two-thirds of self-described liberals.

Despite the support from many Democrats, the public at large would not support such a move. The same poll found that 35% would support blocking Trump, while 55% disagree.

The former president has opened a small but significant lead over Biden in most national polls.

Trump currently leads by almost 2% in the RealClearPolitics average of polls.

In the last twelve major polls, the former president leads in eight of them. Furthermore, some of the polls show larger margins for Trump. A separate Rasmussen Reports poll from last month has Trump up by 6%. A Harvard-Harris poll from February also has Trump up by 6%.

In addition, Trump leads on a number of supplemental questions, including which presidency did more to help or hurt poll answerers. In most polls, voters selected the Trump administration as being more beneficial to themselves and their families.

Furthermore, when asked about which candidate would be best on certain issues, Trump regularly scores large margins over Biden.

According to the latest ABC News poll, Trump leads Biden on the economy by 12%. On inflation, Trump leads by 14%. Trump carries a 6% lead on the issue of crime.

Perhaps the most impressive is the margin regarding immigration and border issues. The former president is trusted by 45% of the public, as compared to just 29% for Biden, a 16% difference.

Other polls have shown similar margins favoring Trump on specific issues.

Recent polls have also shown a significant increase in support for Trump by Black voters. One recent poll showed that Trump could receive 23% of the Black vote, which would be more than double his 2024 total.