Pro-Palestine Protesters Interrupt Church Service

Pro-Palestinian protesters entered a New York City church this weekend and interrupted an Easter weekend service. The disruption came as pro-Palestinian protests have grown in recent weeks, including one during a fundraiser for President Joe Biden attended by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The interruption came as part of the “Palestinian Land Day” protests in New York City on Saturday. Some of the protesters entered St. Patrick’s cathedral in Manhattan, interrupting the Easter Vigil service with calls of “free, free Palestine.”

The protesters were removed from the service.

Such protesters interrupted several events involving the president this week. This includes a speech by Biden during a Raleigh, North Carolina campaign stop. The shouting protesters interrupted his comments regarding healthcare, with Biden responding that they “have a point.”

Protesters also clashed with police outside the Biden fundraiser at the Radio City Music Hall in New York attended by the former presidents and a number of celebrities. The fundraiser included the opportunity to be photographed with Biden, Obama and Clinton for a donation of $100,000.

During the fundraiser, protesters interrupted Obama briefly.

The Biden campaign has also faced significant backlash among Muslim Americans and Arab Americans amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. A number of Muslim American leaders called for voters to cast their Democratic Party presidential primary as ‘uncommitted’ rather than supporting Biden.

Many Muslim American leaders characterized Biden as being too supportive of Israel during its current war against the terrorist organization Hamas.

Protests have taken place across much of the country in favor of the Palestinian cause, and have become increasingly anti-Biden.

Any significant change in Muslim American support could jeopardize Biden’s chances of winning important swing states such as Michigan and Minnesota, which he carried narrowly in 2020.

Trump won the state of Michigan in 2016 and polls recommend he stands poised to win again in November. The declining support for Biden among Black and Muslim American voters may be crucial in a potential Trump victory.