Rubio Says Biden Policy Encourages Iran

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) argued that the Biden administration’s actions were helping Iran following the large drone and missile strike on Israel this weekend. The senator’s comments came as a bipartisan group of senators expressed strong support for Israel following the attack.

Rubio said in a recent interview that he would not “tell Israel what to do because I’m not the one that was attacked by 300 rockets and missiles and drones. I do know that Israel is very clear military doctrine, and that is that they respond to attacks by responding to those with something much more severe it is how they have survived.”

He further said that Israel has “faced constant existential threats to their existence on a repeated basis throughout their history.”

Rubio criticized President Joe Biden for his current approach to the conflict.

“What I don’t understand is why Joe Biden and the administration would leak to the media, the contents of a conversation which he tells Netanyahu he doesn’t think that Netanyahu should respond at all,” said Biden. “It is the continuing part of the public game they are playing which frankly encourages Iran and Hezbollah, which we haven’t talked about and the Houthis and all these other elements there targeting Israel.”

The United States indicated strong support for Israel at the United Nations during an emergency meeting this weekend.

U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Robert Wood said that “if Iran or its Proxies take Actions against the U.S. or further Action against Israel, Iran will be held responsible.”

The United States and its allies aided Israel in shooting down the missiles and drones fired from Iran. Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the attack and stated that the United States would aid with defensive measures.

However, reports indicate that Biden also told Netanyahu that the United States would not take part in any attack on Iran in retaliation for the strikes. There is ample speculation that Israel could strike a number of Iranian military or nuclear sites.

However, the Israeli government has not indicated what its exact response will be.