Trump: Biden A ‘Psycho’

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized President Joe Biden this week, in part calling him a “psycho.” The former president has shifted toward more criticism of the president after the withdrawal of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) this week and posted dozens of times on social media during the president’s State of the Union address on Thursday.

On Truth Social, the former president said that the president’s speech was “getting ‘panned’ all over the World. Only the Radical Left lunatics are trying to make the best of it.”

It took him 41 minutes to talk, briefly, about Immigration and the Border, on the topic of which he was very weak,” wrote Trump.

“No talk of weaponization against his very calm and nice opponent. Angry as hell, this guy is a PSYCHO!” the former president said.

In other posts, the former president argued that Biden was weak on foreign policy.

“Crooked Joe Biden is on the run from his record—and lying like crazy to try and escape accountability for the horrific devastation he and his party have created,” Trump wrote.

The former president also said that his White House left Biden “the safest border in the history of the country” which was “deliberately” undone by the current president.

The former president’s comments came as a majority of recent polls showed him beating Biden. The polls also have shown large leads for Trump on questions regarding who would handle the border, inflation, crime and the economy better.

In addition to strong national polls, Trump also leads in most polls in crucial swing states that will likely decide the Electoral College.

The former president challenged Biden to an immediate debate. However, the president hedged on the idea, saying that it would be up to Trump’s behavior.

“It is important, for the Good of our Country, that Joe Biden and I Debate Issues that are so vital to America, and the American People,” said the former president. “Therefore, I am calling for Debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE! The Debates can be run by the Corrupt DNC, or their Subsidiary, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).”