Trump Campaign Seeks Major Money Boost

Former President Donald Trump is seeking a significant boost to his campaign coffers after President Joe Biden attended a high-profile fundraiser last week in New York City. Trump’s efforts come as Biden has outraised him so far in the 2016 campaign, despite Trump leading in most major polls.

The former president’s upcoming fundraiser will offer an opportunity to support him amid the 2024 election. The cover charge is $250,00 and some donors have pledged more. Overall, the fundraiser is expected to bring in $33 million for the Trump campaign.

“We are not only raising the necessary funds, but we are deploying strategic assets that will help send President Trump back to the White House and carry Republicans over the finish line,” said Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung.

Biden attended a major fundraiser in New York City alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The event included a number of celebrities and offered a chance to get a photo with current and former presidents for a donation of $100,000.

The fundraiser will include a number of wealthy businessmen while much of the political and economic elite consolidate around the former president.

The fundraiser received significant criticism from the political right as Trump instead attended the wake of slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller. The difference between the expensive fundraiser at the Radio Music City Hall and the memorial service in the rain was particularly stark.

Trump visited with the family of the slain officer and said that the police were the most important part of society. The former president spoke after the memorial and said that the current situation had to change.

Outside of Biden’s fundraiser, a number of pro-Palestine protesters clashed with police and even briefly interrupted comments by Obama.

Overall, Biden’s fundraiser brought in about $25 million and represents another step in his efforts to outraise Trump.

Biden ended February with $71 million for his campaign, while Trump’s campaign had almost $34 million.