Trump Criticizes ‘Fake’ AI Images Of Him

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized “despicable” efforts to show him in a less favorable light using artificial intelligence (AI). Trump criticized alleged photos published on social media that appeared to show him as overweight and playing golf.

The former president wrote on social media that the “Fake News” utilized AI to create an image that appears to show him playing golf. In the image, he has a large belly. Trump wrote that the effort was done by “despicable people, but everyone knows that.”

He posted other photos of him as a slimmer man “hitting Golf balls today to show the difference. Sadly, in our Country, Fake News is all you get!”

It appeared that the image may have been photoshopped to make the former president look worse. The photo was allegedly a stitch of Trump with golf star John Daly. Ironically, the two figures are personal friends, and Daly endorsed Trump’s 2024 bid.

“He needs to win; I pray to God he wins. Just for the satisfaction of bringing our country back together and getting common sense going in here again,” Daly said.

The alleged false images of the former president also came as the organization the Lincoln Project created a fake message purported to be from his father Fred Trump. The organization that aids Democrats intimated that Trump’s father would be ashamed of him, despite being dead.

While the former president’s critics used AI to create unflattering images of Trump, his supporters have also created a number of images showing him in the military or as a muscular man. The images have made the rounds on social media and have been well-received by many of his supporters.

Some of the positive AI images of the former president were similar to the photos used for the series of Trump-themed cards he announced last year. The run was successful, with some cards selling out in hours. The program was so well received by supporters that the former president then issued a second set of collector’s cards.