Trump Opens Lead Among Young Voters

A recent poll showed that former President Donald Trump is now leading in a number of swing states among voters under the age of 35. The shift is the latest sign of Trump’s growing strength as he now leads President Joe Biden in a number of national and state polls in recent months.

The most recent Gallup poll showed that the former president leads among voters under the age of 35 in swing states. The former president currently rates a 47% share of this group, compared to 40% for Biden. In 2020, Biden received 61% of the youngest share of voters.

Voters rated Trump highly on a number of major topics. Younger voters said that the economy is the top issue, rating significantly higher than in 2020.

A number of factors have hurt Biden’s standing among younger voters. Amid the current economic uncertainty and rising prices, many young people have reported difficulty in getting jobs or affording houses.

Furthermore, younger voters tend to skew further to the left of many in the Democratic Party. This often places them apart from Biden’s stance in the Middle East, with a number of left-wing voters describing him as being too supportive of Israel.

Biden’s issue with young voters corresponds with his dropping approval ratings among Black and Muslim American voters. The decline in support from both groups could lead to a number of swing states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota moving toward Trump.

The president is also harmed by increasing support for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy originally ran for the White House in the Democratic Party primary and appears to be pulling away more support from potential Biden voters than potential Trump voters.

The former president has also increased his support among various age groups amid increased concern regarding the economy, inflation, the border and crime.

The former president has gained in numerous polls taken nationally and in the swing states that will likely decide the November election.

Trump’s gains also come amid historically low approval ratings for Biden and increased concern about his age and fitness for office.