Trump Renews Call For Debate Against Biden

Former President Donald Trump renewed his call for a debate against President Joe Biden this week amid national concerns over a number of important issues, including the border, crime, inflation and the overall economy. Biden has stated in the past that his decision regarding whether or not to debate the former president is dependent on his actions.

During a campaign event in Green Bay, Wisconsin the former president said that he would debate Biden “anytime, anyplace.”

“You can see we have an empty podium right here to my right. You know what that is? That’s for Joe Biden,” he said.

The former president said that he was “trying” to get Biden to debate.

“We’ll do it any way you want, Joe,” said Trump.

Trump said that he sought a forum to “discuss in a friendly manner the real problems of our country.”

After Trump called for a series of debates last month, Biden hedged on the prospect.

The new debate challenge comes as the former president has increased his standing in most major polls. Not only has Trump established a lead in most national polls, but he now leads in a series of polls taken in the swing states that will likely decide the White House in November.

In a recent Wall Street Journal poll, the former president now leads in all but one of the crucial swing states.

He currently leads Biden 47-44% in Pennsylvania. In Nevada, Trump brings in 48% of the vote compared to Biden’s 44%. Trump also leads in Michigan 48% to 45%. In North Carolina, the former president now leads by 6%.

In Arizona, Trump has 47% to Biden’s 42%. In Georgia Trump leads with a narrow 1%. The only state he does not lead in is Wisconsin, which is tied between the candidates at 46% each.

The former president has also made significant gains among demographic groups that are traditionally friendlier to Democrats, including Black Americans, Latinos and young voters.