US Evacuates Embassy Staff

Washington started the evacuation of embassy staff from the diplomatic facility in Haiti as the country went through a major crisis. The societal collapse in Haiti could portend a major conflict in the nation and the potential civil war and a potential wave of migrants coming to the United States.

The evacuation of the staff from the embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti comes as the nation devolved into near-lawlessness earlier this month. as the nation faces an uncertain future. American officials stated that no Haitians were evacuated as part of the process.

“At the request of the Department of State, the U.S. military conducted an operation to augment the security of the U.S. Embassy at Port-au-Prince, allow our Embassy mission operations to continue, and enable nonessential personnel to depart,” said a statement from the U.S. Southern Command.

The Pentagon said that the American embassy “remains focused on advancing U.S. government efforts to support the Haitian people, including mobilizing support for the Haitian National Police, expediting the deployment of the United Nations-authorized Multinational Security Support (MSS) mission, and accelerating a peaceful transition of power via free and fair elections.”

The State Department also requested that Americans leave the country and not travel to the Caribbean nation.

As Haiti descends into violence, Washington is reportedly considering sending American forces into the country, as it has on multiple past occasions.

There are no current plans to send Marines to the country to help aid the evacuation of Americans from the country, though a Marine Corps spokesman said that the “Department of Defense is working with the State Department on exploring options to ensure the security of our personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti.”

The country has fallen into violence following a largescale jailbreak. The conflict runs a significant risk of growing into a civil war.

The current issues in Haiti are reminiscent of severe issues the country faced in the early 1990s, which caused a large wave of Haitian refugees to attempt to enter the United States.