Beer Brand Plans Party For Students Who Defended American Flag

A beer brand launched in the aftermath of the Bud Light marketing fiasco last year announced that it would hold a party for students who defended the American flag on campus during anti-Israel protests. The move came as some students have begun to counterprotest using American flags amid the current tumult at universities across the country.

Students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill defended the American flag from a throng of protesters last week. Images and video of the students protecting the flag reached national attention.

Ultra Right Beer Company announced that it would throw a “Frat Boy Summer Kickoff” for the Pi Kappa Phi frat house that protected the flag.

Ultra Right Beer Company CEO Seth Weathers said that the company were “trying to get this very organic, just a good old-fashioned, frat row, beer party.”

“I love what the kids did, obviously, protecting the flag,” he said.

“I love the idea of just continuing to encourage them about what they did so that that will encourage, you know, other kids in college and everywhere else to know they did the right thing,” said Weathers.

Following the spread of the footage, a GoFundMe account raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the students.

Two of the fraternity brothers spoke to Fox News following the incident. One said that he was told to kill himself about 50 times and “called a White supremacist — a fascist. It was a really troubling scene, but we stood there strong, representing what we believe in.”

Another fraternity brother told Fox News that it was the duty of his frat to defend the United States from anti-American rhetoric.

“So we were there first and foremost for our country of Israel. When this becomes an American issue, that hits kind of double-hard, and that really hits us both in our religious country and our home, one that we really feel is deeply important to us,” he said.

Since the defense of the flag, other groups of students started to wave the flag at other campuses.