Biden Ushered Off Stage By Wife Jill

A possibly confused President Joe Biden was ushered off the stage during a statement by his wife Jill. The incident took place just two days after he almost fell up a flight of stairs before a speech.

The Saturday incident occurred after making remarks to the Human Rights Campaign. Biden finished his speech and appeared confused about what to do next. He began looking around and weakly waved prior to Jill coming to the stage to retrieve him.

Biden said a few inaudible words to his wife, who responded and led him off the stage. The president still appeared confused even as he stepped away from the podium, again waving while looking around.

On Friday, Biden almost fell up a staircase before giving comments in Philadelphia. Biden made a few steps before stumbling and catching himself at the Tioga Marine Terminal. He was set to give a speech on his economic policy. After the stumble, the president caught himself and looked at the crowd, smiling.

The recent slips are not the only times that Biden has struggled in recent years. Earlier this year, he gave a statement while having visible crease marks on his face. The White House later clarified that the president wears a CPAP machine to make sure that he breathes properly at night.

In one 2021 incident, the president fell up the steps of Air Force One. He also fell off of his bike last year.

Perhaps the most well-known of Biden’s stumbles took place at the United States Air Force Academy graduation in June. Here, the president fell on stage. Biden later stated that he fell due to a sandbag placed nearby. He was helped to his feet by nearby members of the U.S. Secret Service.

Upon returning to the White House from his trip to the Air Force Academy, the president bumped his head on the presidential helicopter, Marine Force One.

The physical slips are part of the concern expressed by a large number of Republicans and some Democrats about Biden’s ability to serve in office effectively. At 80, Biden is currently the oldest president in American history.