CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Professor Holds Machete To Reporter’s Throat

A New York Post reporter was accosted by a machete-wielding art professor Tuesday. Video captured the moment Shellyne Rodriguez threatened the Post’s Reuven Fenton at her Bronx apartment, leading to her dismissal from Hunter College.

Video from the incident shows the professor shouting obscenities against Fenton. 

Rodriguez told the reporter to get “away from my door!” 

The professor threatened that she would “chop you up with this machete” unless Fenton retreated. 

Following the threat, the professor emerged with a machete and placed it against the reporter’s neck. 

Following the altercation Rodriguez returned to her apartment and slammed the door. As the Post‘s reporter and photographer each left the apartment complex the professor followed them with the machete in hand. 

She hurled further obscenities at the two, stating that if she saw them “on this block one more [expletive deleted] time, you’re gonna…” 

The art professor then followed the photographer down a nearby street to his car, then reportedly kicked the reporter in the shin before again returning to the building.

The incident resulted in serious consequences for the professor.

A spokesman for Hunter College said that the institution “strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez and has taken immediate action.” 

She was relieved from her teaching duties “effective immediately.”

This was not the first controversial moment for the former professor. Rodriguez shouted obscenities at a number of pro-life protesters earlier this month. The incident prompted the Post’s Tuesday inquiry.

The professor called the pro-life activists’ effort on campus “propaganda” as well as using a number of expletives. 

The professor asked the two students “what you going to do, like, anti-trans next?” 

The former instructor called the protest “violent” and said that the male student could not have an opinion on abortion due to not being able to bear children.

Rodriguez is a self-described “Black Marxist” who was arrested in June 2020 during a George Floyd protest. 

She later sued the New York Police Department (NYPD), claiming abuse by the arresting officers. 

The case is slated to return to session in July.