Islamist Teens Arrested For Terror Plots In Germany

Four teenagers in Germany were arrested after allegedly plotting to strike several Christian and Jewish sites in the country. The arrest comes amid significant concern over an increase in antisemitism in the United States and Europe, including a series of Islamist attacks in France.

Several of the suspects, aged 15 and 16 were alleged to have supported the Islamic State and planned to carry out an attack inspired by the group. The suspects were arrested in the western part of Germany.

The police said that they arrested the suspects on charges of “declaring themselves ready to commit murder and manslaughter and preparing a serious act of violence.” According to law enforcement, the four teenagers planned to launch an attack using knives and Molotov cocktails against Jewish and Christian sites in the country.

Following the arrest, the police discovered a dagger and a machete.

The original investigation began after one of the suspects, a 16-year-old girl, planned to visit Syria to join ISIS. During the probe, law enforcement discovered the plot, which indicated a willingness to attack churches and synagogues in several German cities.

The father of one of the suspects was under investigation for allegedly raising money for ISIS.C

Six days after the conflict between Israel and Hamas began an attacker originally from Chechya stabbed and killed a teacher in Arras, France and injured three others. In December a French-Iranian man attacked several civilians, killing one person and injuring two others.

Law enforcement in Europe has broken up a number of Islamist plots in Europe since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks in Israel. Parts of Europe have seen large protests in favor of the Palestinian cause and against Israel since the start of the conflict.

One of the cities with the most protest activity was London, which saw a street shut down by protesters. Following the initial Hamas attack that killed about 1,200 civilians, some protesters came out to celebrate outside an Israeli diplomatic building.