Democrats Privately Worry About Biden’s Electoral Prospects

Some in the Democratic Party are reportedly concerned about President Joe Biden’s chances of beating former President Donald Trump in November, according to recent media reports. The news comes as Biden has struggled in a number of national and swing state polls amid concerns about his competence and age.

Sources within the Democratic Party appear to want to face Trump again in 2024. However, Trump has some key advantages not being the incumbent in this potential rematch. Furthermore, Biden now carries the issues of his administration, as well as concerns about his advanced age.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll from this week, the former president has a significant voter enthusiasm advantage. The poll found that nearly half of Republican voters said that they were “very enthusiastic” about him.

However, only 18% of Democratic Party voters said the same about Biden. Trump also has an ongoing advantage among small donors compared to Biden during much of last year.

Furthermore, most recent national polls show that Trump is leading his successor. Most polls from swing states that will likely decide the 2024 election placed the former president in the lead.

Trump currently holds a nearly 3% lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average. This includes a lead in seven of nine recent polls. Another poll showed a tie. One poll showed Biden leading by 1%.

The polling average includes a recent Morning Consult survey that placed the former president ahead by 5%. Another Harvard-Harris poll had Trump up by 6%.

A series of polls since last year have shown that a significant majority of Americans are concerned about Biden’s health and age. The polls also reflect a number of incidents where Biden slipped or fell, including at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado.

Biden, at age 81, is the oldest president in American history. Should he be elected to another term next year, he will leave office at the age of 86.