Democrats Pushing Against ‘Latinx’

Perhaps the pendulum is starting to shift back against the left’s domineering role in culture. Its racial grievance theories are now finding major pushback from within the Democratic party itself.

A group of Latino state legislators in Connecticut want the state to stop using the artificial term. This would represent a major step back from radical left woke policies, even in a dark blue state.

Democrats usually get it wrong. In fact, they usually get it really wrong. For once, a group of Democrats is making a common sense decision, if they can get it through the legislature.

If there is a victory in the Nutmeg State toward sanity, other states may follow. There are other examples in a Republican state. New Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) banned the term in state government.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a major pushback against the current woke climate. Since 2020, it has seemed like the left was ascendant in every part of our culture and politics. Now, there may be some chance for the left to cede some territory.

One state legislator said, “I’m of Puerto Rican descent and I find it offensive.” In addition, two years ago the League of United Latin American Citizens announced that it would not use Latinx.

The term is effectively made up. It is used by only 3% of Latinos nationwide. Chances are if you see a pamphlet or poster using the word Latinx, it was probably not put together by a person of Latin descent.

The policing of our very language shows just how far the left will go to control our culture and politics.

And since Latino voters moved to the GOP in a big way over the last two election cycles, Democrats should have reason to worry.