Iranian Missile Attack Lands Near U.S. Consulate

A missile strike launched from Iran nearly hit an American diplomatic building in Iraq this week, killing a family of civilians. The strike coincided with a similar launch against Syrian targets and came several days after American and British warplanes struck Yemeni rebels allied with Iran.

Several missiles struck sites in Syria and Iraq on Monday. The attack on northern Iraq impacted near the U.S. Embassy in the Kurdish city of Erbil.

The strike did not hit the diplomatic building, but instead struck a civilian home, and killed four or five members of a family. Other rockets impacted near Kurdish security buildings. Iran claimed that the missiles targeted Israeli intelligence operations.

Furthermore, Iran also struck a site in Syria, claiming that it was striking Islamic State (ISIS) positions.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed responsibility for the attack, using missiles launched from Iran itself.

The missile strike came less than a week after U.S. President Joe Biden warned Iran not to act further, following a series of provocations against American and Israeli targets.

Over the weekend, American and British forces attacked the positions of the Houthi rebel group in Yemen. Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October, the Houthis have launched several dozen attacks against civilian and naval vessels in the Red Sea.

The Houthis, like Hamas, are allied to Iran. A recent report stated that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the same organization that launched the recent missile attacks, are on the ground aiding the Houthis.

The rebels have also launched a number of attempted drone and missile strikes against Israel itself.

Following the American and British strikes, protests broke out in New York City by pro-Palestinian and pro-Houthi demonstrators.

Other pro-Iranian militant groups have launched more than 100 attacks on American forces in the Middle East. The United States has struck several of the groups following the attacks. Iran also launched a separate attack on a civilian ship near India.