Is Joe Manchin Running For President?

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is the last remaining centrist Democrat in the Senate and may have significant changes in his political future.

It must be lonely in that position for Manchin, as he’s now talking about some major options for 2024. In the discussion is a potential run for his current position again — this time as a Republican. Another option is to perhaps run for president.

Such a choice would make major waves in American politics. This could include switching control of the Senate. Should Manchin win as a Republican or another Republican wins, the G.O.P. could flip Senate control.

In addition, it may also show that the Democratic Party is struggling with unity. Manchin said that he would support former Sen. Kirsten Sinema (I-AZ) if she ran for another term as an independent. Manchin’s often conservative points of view and Sinema switching her party affiliation to independent have been major bones of contention with the Democratic Party.

There is the question whether or not Republicans would want Joe Manchin. He had been popular in West Virginia before his support of the Inflation Reduction Act, which will do little to actually reduce inflation.

Now, Manchin has lost much of his popularity, and for no discernable gain. It is entirely possible that the GOP will not back him.

If Manchin is stuck with the option of either losing a Republican primary or losing the general election as a Democrat, he may just sit out the 2024 race altogether.

The odds of Joe Manchin running for president seems unlikely as of now. Furthermore, which party would he run under?

It just seems like Manchin would run as a person without a major constituency. Both parties would distrust him, as would their voting base.

Manchin is talking about a lot of options for 2024. However, as he gets to that year, he may soon find himself with no viable political options left.