Migrants Behind Increased Burglaries In Chicago Area

Officials near Chicago are reporting an increase in theft and burglaries linked to migrants who have entered the area around the Windy City. The city has taken in thousands of migrants over the past two years, sparking significant protests from residents.

Law enforcement officials announced that almost 50 migrants were arrested in just one area near the city. The suspects were reportedly involved in a number of thefts and burglaries in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook.

The charges allege that the migrants robbed a Macy’s department store and that at least one of the men removed a tracking device placed on him by federal immigration enforcement.

Law enforcement said that the thefts were organized and may have been conducted by offering migrants money to steal items.

The increase in crime also comes amid reports that the city’s shelters are now overcrowded due to the migrants. Chicago has accepted more than 50,000 migrants since 2022.

Chicago is in a similar position as New York City, which has taken in more than 150,000 migrants during the same period.

However, Chicago and New York have adopted different approaches to the migrant wave. New York is a self-declared ‘sanctuary’ location for migrants, but city leaders have protested the volume of the flow and have requested help from Washington D.C. to handle the crisis.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has gone so far as to say that the migrant issue would destroy his city.

Furthermore, while there have been some protests against migrant resettlement in New York, the demonstrations have been larger in Chicago.

Last year, Chicago residents protested plans to use a former high school to house migrants. Residents from the South Shore neighborhood called for the city to reject the plan to move the migrants. Some carried signs supporting former President Donald Trump.

Despite the protests against the city’s migrant policies, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) has expressed support for the migrants.