Republicans Request White House Cocaine Briefing

The House Oversight Committee and a prominent Republican senator requested a briefing from the Secret Service regarding their investigation into how cocaine entered the White House. The request coincides with the substance’s discovery and several trips to the executive mansion by President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) requested further clarification, including whether or not the drug was found in a location where sensitive information is exchanged.

Cotton addressed his concerns in a letter to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle.

“I urge you to release that information quickly, as the American people deserve to know whether illicit drugs were found in an area where confidential information is exchanged,” he said.

“If the White House complex is not secure, Congress needs to know the details, as well as your plan to correct any security flaws,” Cotton wrote.

The senator requested information from the Secret Service regarding who had “access to the White House complex without passing through any security screening,” as well as those who could enter the White House “subject to lesser security screening requirements.”

”Illegally possessing cocaine is a crime under federal law. If the Secret Service discovers the identity of the individual who brought illicit cocaine into the White House complex, will they make an arrest under this provision?” he asked.

The president’s son was at the White House both on Friday and on Tuesday for a July 4 fireworks display. The cocaine was found in between the two visits, on Sunday.

The controversy comes as photos allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop appear to show him driving at unsafe speeds and separately smoking crack cocaine.

One photo allegedly shows the younger Biden driving a Porsche at 172 miles per hour on a trip to Las Vegas. He was reportedly on his way to visit with prostitutes.

In a separate photo from behind the wheel in Virginia, Hunter Biden appears to be smoking crack while driving.

Hunter Biden will reportedly plead guilty to several federal misdemeanor charges and avoid prison time related to tax and firearms charges.