Revised Total: 29 Americans Killed In Hamas Attack

The estimated number of Americans killed in last week’s Hamas terrorist attack in Israel grew to 29. The State Department made the announcement, increasing the total of known American casualties from the event.

The increase in American deaths is part of the wider count of dead and wounded from the Hamas sneak attack. Israeli officials count more than 1,100 dead from the incident.

In addition, 16 Americans are also unaccounted for, and possibly held hostage in Gaza.

The State Department said that it was “working around the clock to determine their whereabouts, and is working with the Israeli government on every aspect of the hostage crisis.”

The increased count of dead and wounded included the discovery of about 40 murdered babies, some of whom were beheaded.

Furthermore, the United States has been involved in the conflict in a number of ways. New York City hosted a significant pro-Palestine rally last Sunday, which drew condemnation from Republicans and many Democrats.

Furthermore, there has been concern over the rise of antisemitism in the United States and Europe. Large-scale protests erupted in London in support of the Palestinian cause. France banned all pro-Palestinian rallies.

There were also separate incidents in Germany in which a Jewish-owned house was marked with a Star of David.

Furthermore, a number of American academic institutions and other organizations have made comments either condemning Israel or supporting Hamas directly.

The Chicago branch of Black Lives Matter issued a statement on social media in support of the Palestinian cause with an illustration of a paraglider in the background. Such paragliders were used by fighters to massacre civilians during the Saturday attacks.

A number of Harvard University student organizations signed a letter condemning Israel following the Hamas attacks. Furthermore, a Jewish student’s dorm room was set on fire at Drexel University in Philadelphia this week.

Police believe that the incident was intentional and the college is investigating whether it was an antisemitic attack.