Why Is Everyone Leaving California?

New data showed that California is the state people left the most in 2022. High crime and taxes are driving our residents, who are then moving to other states. But why else?

If you have been paying attention, you probably already know why people are leaving the Golden State. California has been the top — or nearly at the top — of every bad personal freedom and tax index in the last generation.

California is near the top in terms of gas prices, income taxes, building restrictions, business regulations, and restrictions on the Second Amendment. The state that once called Ronald Reagan home is now a very different place.

One of the most obvious parts of the question in the title includes apathy. Many conservatives and Republicans fully believe that California is too far beyond repair.

This may be true. This may also be accelerating the exodus out of the state, often to Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. With each new wave of people leaving California, they often bring their voting habits with them.

These habits are destruction. They are also the same voting patterns that made some of California’s cities among the worst-run in the country.

Making matters worse for California is the positive policies of Republican states. Actions under Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis must make it even harder for California to convince its residents to stay.

After all, wouldn’t you rather move to a state with no income tax? With lower standards of living and lower rates of crime? Why stay in California when there are better options out there?

That was the question on the mind of thousands of people last year when they left their homes in the Golden State for another. It also shows that the great migration trends that accelerated during the pandemic will likely continue.

California will continue losing people. Until Republicans somehow regain Sacramento, the crazy policies of the Democrats will continue. And with that, the decline of the state.