Woman Killed In Highway Car Crash After Rideshare Dropoff

A woman on a Denver highway was hit by two vehicles and killed after she had been dropped off by a rideshare driver.

The incident reportedly occurred at Colorado’s I-25 highway just after midnight on New Year’s Day.

Authorities looking into the events say the woman had become sick while riding in the rideshare vehicle and that her friends canceled the ride en route. They were then let out of the vehicle beside the busy highway.

The woman walked onto the road before being struck by a truck, according to Blaze Media. She then fell down and was hit by another vehicle. Reports indicate that the truck driver did not stop, but the other one did.

Thornton Police have since arrested the truck driver after he turned himself in, charging him with a count of hit-and-run involving death.

A witness said to KUSA-TV that she was driving behind the truck that hit the woman first.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” the woman said. “The truck in front of me swerved, but when he swerved a little bit, it still hit her, and she kind of, she just flew up.”

One user on social media reacted to the news, posting, “OMG! What are we becoming?”

The rideshare driver has not been criminally charged but could be civilly tried for their actions, according to attorney Jonathan Douglas.

“Lots of questions,” Douglas said. “It appears that this woman was left on the side of the road, and not just the road, I-25. That’s pretty shocking.”

“Was it proper or was it negligent that this driver left their rider on the side of I-25?” Douglas asked.

“We’re not quite sure exactly what happened in that rideshare, but we’ve got a scenario where it needs to be investigated.”

A veteran worker of Uber commented that the decision of the rideshare driver to drop the woman off by the side of the highway is “just something that a normal human being just doesn’t do,” CBS Colorado reports.

Thornton police indicated that the rideshare driver is fully cooperating with the probe into the woman’s tragic death.

“The whole situation is just horrible,” concluded the witness that was interviewed by KUSA-TV.