Biden Allegedly Involved In Brother’s Business Call

President Joe Biden was allegedly present during a conversation his brother James Biden had regarding a business endeavor. The new accusations mirror testimony that the former president took part in business phone calls by his son Hunter Biden.

James Biden said that his brother sat next to him during a business call with Americore Health Enterprises. The company is now bankrupt. The president also allegedly met with the founder of the company. Hunter Biden also allegedly met with Americore’s CEO.

James Biden allegedly received funds from the company on the same day that he sent a $200,000 loan repayment to his brother in 2018. The president’s brother received another $400,000 from the company earlier. The money from the medical company came just one year before it declared bankruptcy.

In addition, James Biden will be interviewed by the House impeachment probe.

The president’s brother allegedly had so much influence in the company that he fired its Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The former CFO allegedly wrote to James Biden following the sacking stating that the company’s partners would likely “not welcome a public battle that will ultimately disclose and expose the complete workings of the organization.”

Both the president’s son and brother were allegedly involved in numerous overseas business ventures. Both Hunter and James Biden allegedly did business in China. Accounts linked to the Biden family allegedly received millions from the Chinese company CEFC, linked to that country’s ruling communist party.

The investigation by House Republicans revealed that the former president was allegedly involved in a number of phone calls involving Hunter Biden’s business deals. Text messages from the president’s son also revealed that he said that his father was with him in the room when requesting Chinese funds.

The president also allegedly met with a leader of CEFC around 2017. The information was revealed by former Hunter Biden business associate Rob Walker, who said that Biden met with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming when he was having lunch in Washington D.C.

Walker said that he was “certain” that Ye was present and that it was after Biden finished being vice president.