Biden Warns Against Possible Iranian Attack On Israel

President Joe Biden warned Iran not to launch an attack on Israel after the Islamic Republic promised retaliation following an Israeli strike that killed several high-ranking military officials. The president’s words came as Iran, Israel and the United States moved assets around the Middle East in case of a potential confrontation.

The president said during comments Friday that he expected a confrontation “sooner than later.” He further warned Tehran against a strike.

“Don’t,” he said.

Israel’s strike in Damascus, Syria killed several members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Tehran has promised revenge since the strike, which was the most significant one since former President Donald Trump ordered the bombing that killed former Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in early 2020.

Iran has reportedly moved military assets across its territory, including the potential use of about 100 cruise missiles. The country is also reportedly preparing a series of drones for possible use.

Israel has also warned that it would respond directly if Iran launched missiles or drones at its territory. Iranian-backed proxies have launched a series of attacks on Israeli interests and on the country itself, but to this date, there have been no direct attacks launched by Iran on Israel.

Iran is also a key backer of several major terrorist organizations across the Middle East, including Hamas. Israel is fighting the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip after Hamas launched an attack that killed about 1,200 civilians last Oct. 7.

Some of the proxy groups loyal to Iran have stated that they would help the country attack Israel.

Iran reportedly requested an assurance from Washington that the United States would not get involved in any exchange of fire between Israel and Iran. Washington allegedly stated that it would make no guarantee.

The United States moved a number of anti-missile assets within the Middle East. Iran has reportedly threatened that if the United States became directly involved in the salvo that Iran would retaliate against American forces in the region, although that has not been officially confirmed.