China Alleges US Balloons Entered Its Skies Over 10 times Since Last Year

China’s Foreign Ministry fired back at America over its spy-balloon controversy on Monday, alleging the U.S. illegally flew balloons over its skies more than ten times since last year. The country additionally repeated its complaints of the U.S. supposedly overreacting by taking down the Chinese spy balloon.

“Since last year alone, U.S. high-altitude balloons have illegally flown over China’s airspace more than ten times without the approval of relevant Chinese authorities,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, with a translation provided by Just The News. “The U.S. should change its course and reflect on itself, instead of smearing and accusing China.”

Recently there has been quite a bit of activity in North American skies — the U.S. military has downed four suspicious flying objects this month alone. According to U.S. officials, at least one of the balloons served to aid a Chinese surveillance operation.

Wenbin indicated he is “not aware” of the other three objects that were blasted over the weekend, but continued to claim the balloon shot down earlier this month was a Chinese balloon that accidentally came into U.S. skies.

“The U.S. side’s shooting down of it was an indiscriminate use of force and an overreaction, which we firmly oppose,” Wenbin asserted.

This news comes as White House spokesman John Kirby claims that China is running a “high-altitude balloon program for intelligence collection” and has put out spy devices to dozens of countries. He additionally noted that the White House could not figure out if the aforementioned three objects were part of China’s spying efforts.

In reaction to the events, Kirby said the administration is forming an interagency group to “study the broader policy implications for detection, analysis, and disposition of unidentified aerial objects that pose either safety or security risks.” He also stated that the Pentagon is currently not keeping track of other aerial objects.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson reacted to the news of the Biden administration not being able to determine what those other objects are, sharing a funny Warner Bros clip of two men reacting to a balloon flying in the sky.