DOJ Official Confirms That Weiss Sought Additional Hunter Biden Charge

A Department of Justice (DOJ) official asserted that U.S. attorney special counsel David Weiss sought the prosecution of Hunter Biden in Washington D.C. but was rebuffed. The revelation appears to confirm word from IRS whistleblowers that two DOJ officials blocked earlier efforts to prosecute the president’s son.

U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves told the House Judiciary Committee that Weiss sought to charges in the Delaware district.

Graves said that “some of the charges related to that investigation needed to be venued out of the district, and he described the logistical support that he needed.”

Graves said that the 10-minute conversation was the only one with Weiss on the subject. That being said, he added that Weiss was seeking support for charges “at a minimum” that would be further discussed at a later time.

Graves met with a DOJ official to discuss possible prosecution. According to Graves, he was asked by a DOJ official that “the decision was made not to move forward with the case, correct?”

The U.S. Attorney described possibly working together with another U.S. Attorney on prosecution as potentially difficult, stating that he was willing to work with Weiss but that his office decided against it.

He further stated that “at a high level, they alerted me to something about the status of Delaware’s investigation.”

Graves did not include more details on the case, including the wider details about the exact DOJ involvement. He further did not indicate specific names of those involved in the investigation and potential prosecution.

Weiss offered Biden’s legal team a plea deal earlier this year which would have likely seen him avoid prison time. The judge in the case scuttled the deal, which included a number of misdemeanor firearms and tax charges.

The plea deal also fell apart partially following IRS whistleblower testimony. This included revelations alleging that Hunter Biden did not pay taxes on a significant amount of income from foreign sources.