House Passes DUI Deportation Bill

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill this week that called for the deportation of migrants guilty of driving under the influence (DUI). Despite the passage, more than 100 Democratic members of the House voted against the measure.

The bill was supported by House Republicans and 59 Democrats.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) said that he lost two constituents due to an illegal alien allegedly driving drunk. He also said that a death due to DUI occurred every 45 minutes in the country.

Despite having some Democratic support, 150 House Democrats voted against the bill.

The issue came as part of the wider discussion on the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. Last year saw a record high of border encounters by federal law enforcement. This included a new monthly high of 300,000 such encounters in December alone.

Moore argued that the Biden administration “has every tool in the toolbox to shut the southern border down,” but has declined to use them for stopping the flow of migrants. This point was disagreed with by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

“They don’t want to solve the problem; they want to keep the problem going as a campaign issue,” Nadler said about House Republicans. “So don’t come up here and talk about the problems on the southern border if you won’t give the president any means to deal with it.”

The focus on drinking and driving among migrants came after an illegal alien caused the death of several people, despite having been deported four previous times.

Jose Guadalupe Menjivar-Alas is currently in the Broomfield County, Colorado jail after allegedly driving drunk and striking a Toyota Tundra. The resulting crash killed a mother and son.

Menjivar-Alas was allegedly speeding during the incident.

There has also been an increase in crime linked to the flow of migrants into the country. This included the high-profile attack on NYPD officers by at least five migrants over the weekend. Despite the attack, all of the men were released without bail following their arrest.

Furthermore, New York City officials have expressed concern over the increase of fighting outside of a migrant shelter, which included a recent knife attack.