Illinois Students Threatened With Discipline Over Transgender Bathroom Use

Illinois high school students are loudly expressing their dissatisfaction with having to share their bathrooms with students who profess to have a different “gender identity.”

Waterloo High School students were told that they could use the nurse’s restroom if having biological males in the restroom with them made them uncomfortable. So, what happened?

A group of almost 150 Waterloo students lined up to use the single bathroom during a class change. The Daily Caller reported that Superintendent Brian Charron informed the school community that the students who lined up to use the single restroom were marked tardy.

Further, those who continued to “protest” would face disciplinary action from the school.

The superintendent said that “we will not tolerate another significant disruption in school.” Ominously, he added that “to the extent we determine that the nurse’s office bathroom line was a form of harassment, students will be disciplined for their participation in the harassment.”

In other words, after telling uncomfortable students they are free to use the nurse’s office bathroom, the administration now considers that to be “harassment.”

One teenager, Waterloo senior Anna Demers, told the Daily Caller that “around 150 students, including myself, stood up for our rights and our beliefs.” She recounted being told they could use the nurse’s facility if they were uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with biological males.

She said the large gathering stood in line “to use the restroom and to make a statement.” Demers said the students were not heard when they tried to express their safety concerns before Friday.

The senior described the Friday events as “peaceful,” though she noted there were “a few disrespectful individuals.” Demers chalked that up to teenagers undergoing a “learning process.”

It was not only girls who joined the protest. Several boys said they were not comfortable when a biological female began using their bathroom, and they lined up at the nurse’s office as well.

The school administration defended the policy, which it said has been in place since 2017 and complies with federal and state law. Students are allowed to use the bathroom that aligns with their “gender identity” rather than biology.