Israel Withdraws Some Combat Troops From Gaza

Following pressure from the White House, Israel announced this weekend that it was withdrawing most of its troops from the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The announcement came as Israel was preparing for an attack on Rafah, the last remaining stronghold of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Israel withdrew from much of the southern part of Gaza after White House demands for a ceasefire. The result could be either a delay or even the calling off of the final attack on Rafah and the elimination of most of Hamas’ military power.

President Joe Biden earlier called an attack on Rafah a “red line” but later backtracked on the statement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he would defy the president’s demands and finish off the Hamas terrorist organization at a time of his government’s choosing.

The Israeli move in Gaza also comes amid increased tensions with Iran and its terrorist proxies across the region. Earlier this month a missile believed to be launched by an Iraqi militant group struck the southern part of Israel.

Israel is also preparing for possible Iranian retaliation for its strike that killed a number of senior Iranian officials in Damascus, Syria.

Israel has won a series of victories over Hamas and related militant groups over the last several months. Israeli forces captured Gaza City, the region’s most populated area.

However, the White House and left-wing political organizations have pressured Jerusalem to halt its current operations in Gaza.

The pressure increased after Israeli forces mistakenly struck an aid convoy in Gaza, killing several civilians.

Following the Oct. 7, 2023, terrorist attacks that killed 1,200 civilians, Biden showed a significant amount of support for Israel and its stated mission to eliminate Hamas from Gaza.

However, the White House has shifted its attitude in recent months, especially as Muslim and Arab Americans registered significant disapproval of Biden’s actions.

The president likely needs states such as Minnesota and Michigan to win the 2024 presidential election. A sharp decline in Muslim American support could cost him both states which he carried narrowly four years ago.