Poll: Americans See China As Significant Influence On Politicians

A significant majority of Americans see China as a major influence over the nation’s politicians, according to a new poll. The survey coincides with a number of concerning news items out of the People’s Republic, including the spy balloon that transited across the United States earlier this year.

According to the Rasmussen Reports poll, 63% of Americans believe that China holds influence over American politicians, including more than a third who believe that the communist nation has a “lot of influence” over politicians. 

Among those polled, 38% believe that politicians from the Democratic Party are “more influenced by China,” as compared to 26% who believed the same about Republicans. Another 28% believe that both parties are equally influenced by Beijing.

The Rasmussen numbers coincide with a June Pew poll that found a majority of Americans believing that China was a major threat to the United States.

When respondents were asked to name the largest threat to the United States, 50% chose China. This was compared to 17% who chose Russia and just 2% who chose North Korea. This marked a significant choice in polling. 

In 2019, the same poll found that Russia and China were tied as a potential threat. In 2014, Russia ranked at the top, with China in second and Iran in third. In 2007, China rated in third place behind both Iran and Iraq.

The same poll found that conservative Republicans and older voters were more likely to rank China as a major threat to the United States. A significant of moderate and liberal Democrats, along with moderate Republicans also agreed on the threat of the People’s Republic.

China made headlines due to the balloon that flew over the United States earlier this year. The spy craft made it across the continental United States before it was shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

In addition, law enforcement officers identified a number of police stations located within the U.S. which were tied to the communist regime. Two men were arrested for allegedly aiding the Chinese efforts in New York City.