Stellantis Reaches Tentative Agreement To End Strike

One of the three major Detroit automakers announced a tentative agreement to end the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike this weekend. The potential deal follows a similar agreement reached by Ford Motor Company and the striking union earlier this month.

Stellantis, formerly known as Chrysler, announced that its potential agreement with the union is similar to the one crafted by Ford. It will still need to be agreed upon by the members of the UAW.

Should the approval come, the strike that has spanned six weeks and included 14,000 workers could come to an end.

The Stellantis strike has affected manufacturing plants in two states, as well as distribution sites nationwide.

Overall, the strike left about one-third of the employees of the three major automakers on strike at its peak.

The exact details of the Stellantis deal have not been announced. However, the tentative agreement between Ford and the union would increase wages by 25% over the next 4.5 years, including an immediate 11% bump. UAW members will also see cost-of-living pay increases that will further supplement the base wage rise.

Furthermore, Ford employees will see their pensions increase and the union will have the right to strike should Ford close any factories.

Despite the agreement with Stellantis, the UAW work stoppage against General Motors (GM) has not ended. The union announced this weekend that it would be expanding its strike to include a plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The plant has almost 4,000 employees and is GM’s largest facility on the continent.

UAW President Shawn Fain said that the union was “disappointed by GM’s unnecessary and irresponsible refusal to come to a fair agreement.”

The Spring Hill location supplies engines and other major elements to other GM facilities across the United States and Mexico, which could further increase pressure on General Motors.

The company recently stated that the ongoing strike is costing the company $400 million per week. Aside from the Spring Hill announcement, the strike includes two plants and 18 parts warehouses nationwide.