New Poll Finds Trump With Significant Nationwide Lead

Several new polls indicate that former President Donald Trump would win by a significant margin if the 2024 election was held today. This includes one poll that has the former president beating President Joe Biden by 6% nationwide and dominating the Republican primary field.

The new Harvard-Harris poll showed that Trump would top Biden with a majority of the vote. Trump brings in 53% nationwide, while Biden would receive 47.

Trump’s lead grows in several scenarios. In an election that includes independent candidate and activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Trump would receive 44%, Biden would receive 36% and Kennedy would pull in 21%.

In the three-way scenario, Kennedy would pull in 20% of Democratic voters and 30% of independents.

In another polling question that includes Professor Cornel West and 2016 Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Trump opens an even larger lead.

In this situation, Trump would take 43% of the vote, while Biden would receive 34%. Among the other candidates, Kennedy would receive 18%, West would claim 3% and Stein would follow with 2%.

Furthermore, in a five-way contest, Biden would lose one-third of Democratic Party voters to his opponents, including 11% who would defect to Trump.

In addition, if Trump faced Vice President Kamala Harris in the 2024 election, Trump would receive 52% of the vote compared to Harris’ 40%. In this situation, 20% of Democrats and 51% of independents indicated that they would support Trump over the vice president.

In addition, the most recent NBC News poll had the former president leading Biden by 2%. Perhaps most surprisingly, Trump opened a lead among voters aged 18-34.

The same poll found that Trump would receive 67% of Republican support in the presidential primary, giving him a 58% lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Trump has also picked up a number of high-profile endorsements in recent weeks, including Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

Trump’s campaign appears to be building momentum a little more than a month before the first nominating contests for the 2024 Republican nomination.