New Poll Questions Biden’s Ability To Serve

President Joe Biden turned 81 years old this week as a new poll shows that most Americans are concerned about his ability to effectively do his job. The new survey follows a number of previous polls showing that the majority of Americans do not believe he’s up for a second term, as well as several high-profile falls.

The new Harvard-Harris poll shows that only 42% of the public believe that Biden is “mentally fit” for the White House. However, 58% “have doubts” about his ability to serve. Biden is currently the oldest president in American history.

When broken down by party lines, the polling data appears to be worse for the president. Only 71% of Democrats believe that the president is fit for the job, while 81% of Republicans and 69% of independents disagree.

Furthermore, two-thirds of Americans believe that Biden is too old for the White House, with only one-third disagreeing. Among Democrats, only 63% said that they showed that he is able to serve despite being 81, with 37% disagreeing.

Voters also perceive Biden as declining in job performance. Only 28% of the public believes that Biden is improving during his tenure as it continues.

The same poll also shows former President Donald Trump defeating Biden in a head-to-head matchup. In this scenario, Trump would capture 53% of the vote to Biden’s 47%.

When third-party candidates were included, Trump’s performance improved further.

Biden’s staff released a photo of the president with a birthday cake for his birthday. The social media post showed a smiling Biden and a cake with dozens of candles alight at once.

A September Fox News poll found that the majority of the public believes that Biden has the “mental soundness” to serve. According to the survey, just 36% of the public agreed with the sentiment, compared to 61% who believed he didn’t.

This was a significant increase since 2021 when a bare plurality believed that Biden had the mental acuity to serve.