Biden’s Fizzled ATF Candidate Just Lashed Out At Republicans, Said ‘This Is The Genuine Reason They Ceased Him’

Oh, David Chipman. You lost – no need to blame Republicans or anyone else for your shortcomings. Your inability to take responsibility for your actions shows that you were never a good fit for the Director of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms position in the first place.  

The Constitution is in place for a reason, and Chipman threatened its ability to remain in place as a stronghold of American values. That’s why he wasn’t granted the nomination.  

There are several ways to prevent gun violence. You could amp up police presence and police jobs and not defund police departments, you could crack down on criminals in the courtroom, or you could even arm more law-abiding citizens. Those may be only a few ways, but none of what Chipman had to offer. Chipman used his time talking down on the law-abiding gun community and threatening to take more firearms out of law-abiding citizens’ hands. That’s not how you win over any gun enthusiast. Also, let’s be fair, the gun violence didn’t come from gun enthusiasts, and Chipman, President Joe Biden, and Biden’s entire administration know this.  

“I’m a concealed carry owner in Virginia who swore an oath to our Constitution. And I don’t mean a desk job. I mean, I was on the SWAT team. I was in dangerous situations all the time.” That doesn’t under any circumstances mean that you were effective at your job or could be the Director of the ATF. There are dozens of SWAT members and even more concealed carry permit holders with no business being anywhere near a firearm. Anyone in law enforcement knows that.  

“The reality is in much of America, and it’s easier to buy a gun than a beer.”  

In all of America, it’s easier to buy a gun than a beer if you’re under 21. Otherwise, Chipman’s claim is way off the mark. If he can’t show proof of his claim, then it means nothing. Then again, you’re going to hear this chirping around the leftist communities for the next several months or years. They’re going to use this as a statement of fear-mongering as they do with plenty of other things. The reality is much different.  

Chipman also claimed that his nomination was blocked because he would “not play nice with the gun industry.” Playing nice and providing good legal authority are two completely different things. You don’t have to play nice with the gun industry, nor should you, when you’re acting in an excellent legal manner and not overstepping your position. 

Thankfully, the White House removed Chipman from his nomination. He only has himself to blame.