Fox Corporate Policy Underscores Reasons Surrounding Carlson Dismissal

The exact reasons for the dismissal of Fox News’ most popular host, Tucker Carlson, have not been publicly revealed. However, several factors surrounding Carlson’s departure leave potential clues about the potential reasons for the breakup.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Carlson was dismissive of Fox’s corporate leadership.

A leak of internal Fox News communications reveals that the network issued directives on gender identity. There has been no direct information linking the corporate policy to Carlson’s departure but instead adds background information for potential disagreements.

According to the employee handbook, the company made allowances for transgender employees. These included allowing employees to use restrooms tied to their gender identity and that employees must use preferred pronouns. 

The Daily Signal reported that Carlson was the first Fox figure to use male pronouns to describe Dylan Mulvaney, who was part of Bud Light’s ill-fated marketing effort last month. 

Carlson also spoke on-air with Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire about transgender topics, which met with pushback from Fox corporate.

Fox News recently released a statement that read that the news network “is compliant with all Human Rights laws mandated by the cities and states in which we operate, including New York and California.”

There are further dueling accusations between the former host and the network. Carlson’s attorneys are accusing Fox of both a breach of contract and fraud

Carlson’s attorney Bryan Freedman allegedly issued a letter to the network in which Fox is accused of leaking his private communications and took “adverse employment action against him.”

The host’s attorney also claimed that Fox’s recent settlement with Dominion Voting Systems was related to Carlson’s dismissal. Fox claimed that this was “categorically false.” 

However, the letter accuses the head of Fox’s public relations effort of working to “undermine, embarrass and interfere” with Carlson’s professional future.

The reported disagreement between Carlson and Fox News underscores the host’s continuing popularity. Carlson recently announced that he was bringing a version of his show to the social media platform, which received nearly a million likes.