Newt Gingrich Gives AOC Wake Up Call From Ronald Reagan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her wild idea that socialism in America is a good idea keeps getting wake-up calls that she seems to ignore. AOC has great ideas in theory, and by hypothesis, I mean everyone can do nothing and still get paid for it, but when put into practice would wreck not only our economy but also our ecosystem. Funny to think about it in that way from someone who created the Green New Deal.

When humans are lazy, they generally waste more, have difficulty being motivated, and don’t produce long-lasting products or are of any value. AOC’s Eviction Moratorium tirade about the House not getting to it and having a real opportunity to make a difference isn’t about a single property owner. Instead, she pointed out that Governors weren’t getting money to property owners and passed the buck. Now, to my point, if AOC wants the Green New Deal, she has to rely on the working class to get out and work. It means no more staying home, no more unemployment checks, and no more Eviction Moratorium. The country has been open for months, and if people haven’t transferred from unemployment to employment by now, it’s honestly their fault.

Our ecosystem relies on energy, oil, gas, natural gas, or electricity, but the fuel to keep it moving, such as hard work put into forests, farmland, and even solar panels. To do this, you have to pay people a fair wage to get it done, but first, you have to get people to apply for the job to do it. AOC is suggesting that the Eviction Moratorium would have people evicted, and by and large, it would, but what she isn’t doing is holding them accountable for not paying their bills in the first place.

Regardless of what the government says, you are responsible for yourself. That may not be in a legal way, but morally and ethically, you are. And to a lesser extent, you’re accountable to your neighbors, employers, and even landlords. If property owners lose their House, you do too. It’s simple. You’ll have to pay your share at some point if you want this economy to continue.

Many people have worked through the pandemic because they had to. Somebody had to pick up the torch and continue shipping food and goods, protecting against rioters, making sure gas stations and grocery stores were open, and so many other things. This idea of persistent unemployment is ridiculous. And high wage unemployment has put a strain on private business employment. When it comes to wages, it’s hard to beat the state and federal governments when they team up and pay a certain amount for unemployment.

Newt Gingrich roasted AOC on Fox News, saying, “There’s no amount of money that the left-wing anti-Americans wouldn’t spend, there’s no amount of money that you could give people that they would think was too much. I mean, if you were to ask AOC what’s the most somebody should get from the government, she couldn’t possibly give you an answer.”

Her answer would almost certainly include more subsidies than most of us get paid. This idea that everyone should get paid just for being alive is ridiculous. If you don’t contribute, you don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.