Pittsburgh Bridge Should Have Been ‘Fixed’ Years Ago, Instead Woke Agendas Were ‘Funded’

The Pittsburgh Bridge collapse is getting more intense. As blame gets thrown around, there’s a reality that everyone needs to embrace, and that’s the facts.

Democrat policies, specifically the push to go green, have a large impact on the upkeep of what’s already built. Not only does this have a lot to do with energy, but with the Pittsburgh Bridge, it has a lot to do with infrastructure, something that Democrats have pushed very hard.

In Pittsburgh, President Joe Biden said, “We have been so far behind on infrastructure for so many years it’s just mind-boggling.”

If we’ve been behind for so many years, shouldn’t Democrat governors and local politicians make changes?

Biden then said, “We used to be number one in the world.”

It’s because the world has gone woke. Building roads and bridges has become disastrous to our health and global warming. The means of production has led to millions being killed by greenhouse gases. The Democrat party seems to have forgotten that production work pays Americans for their work. If it weren’t for that, many countries would be jobless. Then federal regulation has caused many manufacturing companies to outsource their products which can largely be blamed for the supply chain crisis we have right now because the US doesn’t produce a lot of its materials here anymore.

Some reports from Pittsburgh state that the bridge that collapsed was supposed to go through renovations in 2016, but instead, the funding was put toward other programs.

A tweet says, “The bridge that just collapsed in the city of Pittsburgh was set to be restored in 2016. Instead of replacing the completely rusted-out supports, they diverted the money to bike lanes, green energy programs, and lanes for self-driving cars.”

Good job, Democrats.

The thread of the tweet mentioned is golden and paints a backstory for the problems Pittsburgh and every city in the US should work to avoid.

Plenty of Presidents before Biden have passed legislation to fund infrastructure, but all seem to have failed up to this point.

So, if politicians can’t keep their word on infrastructure in the past, what makes anyone think that there’s going to be a difference now? And, why are we blaming top-level politicians as if they’re the ones inspecting these bridges and making decisions? There needs to be actual accountability at the appropriate level because too often, there are examples of failing infrastructure that could have been avoided had someone made the right call. Just look at Miami and the 98 people who lost their lives when an apartment building collapsed.

There’s no change coming to you anytime soon. If you were hoping that the government would come and save you, you’re wasting your life. Your time could be much better spent counting the rocks in your driveway than putting your faith in any politician.