Prominent Immunologist Now Regrets Voting For Biden

Laughed at, cursed at, and chanted away, President Joe Biden had single-handedly torn down America’s trust in his decisions and constitutional promise he made when he took his oath of office. Many people regret their choices only nine months into Biden’s administration, and the next four years will undoubtedly be difficult for all of us.

Trust the science is what we’ve all been told while the White House teams up with Facebook to censor “misinformation” that constantly gets proven to be fact six months later. Nonetheless, people have had their posts taken down, accounts blocked, and viewers removed because of the information they present on social media.

Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, an immunologist, regrets his decision to vote for Biden, like many others. He is a proponent of the Covid-19 vaccine if you don’t have natural immunity. That’s where he differs from Dr. Anthony Fauci and Biden. Noorchashm is cited in a lawsuit against Michigan State University that makes a case for natural antibodies being just as efficient, if not more, than the Covid-19 vaccine. The lawsuit is among many claiming that businesses and politicians are overstepping with mandatory Covid-19 testing and excluding natural infection as possible protection from Covid-19.

The lawsuit was filed by Jeanna Norris, an administrative assistant and fiscal officer who contracted Covid-19 in 2020 and recovered just as many have. Many people didn’t even know they were infected with Covid-19 because of the asymptomatic nature that some people exhibited. Of course, antibody tests are expensive to many people, and Covid-19 tests are free because the political administration doesn’t care if you have natural antibodies. After all, natural antibodies are free.

Biden has violated the rights of many people with his complete overreach of medical tyranny. Mandating vaccines or getting weekly tests won’t only negatively affect businesses and individuals who may have to pay for the vaccine themselves if OSHA puts a reservation in their “emergency workplace rule.” It is why people want to make sure they get a phone app and in-home testing to ensure that everyone obeys the government’s rules and mandates. It’s a profitable enterprise that will never pass the sniff test of the Supreme Court when these lawsuits reach that level.

Meanwhile, the FDA-approved Comirnaty isn’t available in the United States and isn’t being administered, and a timeline hasn’t been presented for when it will be available. The Biden administration won’t tell you that, though. They will keep that detail to themselves and let Pfizer, Bio-N-Tech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson get rich off the emergency use authorization. Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine emergency use authorization was renewed on August 23rd, 2021, which shows you that the FDA isn’t in a rush to approve it. Otherwise, they would have at that time. It may be the very reason two of the top FDA employees have stepped down. They weren’t going to go along with the Biden administration garbage that’s rolling out.

If you want to skip the vaccine, then very soon, you’ll have to get comfortable being uncomfortable until the courts strike down Biden’s nonsense. Biden is attempting to take away freedom from every American, and he said it himself when he said this isn’t about freedom.