Transgender Athlete Dominates Nevada High School Championships

A transgender high school student swept two major victories in statewide track and field competitions in Nevada this week. Diamond Solorzano, who is biologically male, played a major role in North Valleys High School bringing home victories in two major relay races.

In the two events, the 4×200 meter relay and the 4×400 meter race, the high school earned a significant victory. The victory margin in the 4×200 race was almost three full seconds over the second-place finishers.

Solorzano recently signed a deal to play volleyball for Lassen College. The athlete told local media about the honor “to play at the next level.”

The high school track and field victories came as the World Athletics Council barred biological males who have gone through puberty from competing in female events earlier this year.

The organization said that it had researched the topic for more than ten years and compiled “evidence of the physical advantages that these athletes bring to the female category. 

The athletics group also said that “there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics and consequently no athletics-specific evidence of the impact these athletes would have on the fairness of female competition in athletics.” 

It also said that “the Council decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.”

The decision also came after the state of Alabama barred the participation of athletes competing in leagues opposite their birth gender.

Furthermore, the controversy also occurred as news of a transgender athlete physically injuring a female soccer player emerged from Australia.

Riley Dennis, a biologically-male player tackled a female competitor, leaving her on the ground, unmoving. Dennis walked away from the scene. 

The athlete has received considerable criticism for reportedly injuring several other female athletes earlier this year. 

Dennis has shown a significant advantage over the other athletes since joining the women’s league.

Solorzano’s victory echoes a number of wins by transgender college swimmer Lia Thomas, who began dominating women’s swimming competitions.

Thomas’ record upset many teammates and led to activism by fellow swimmer Riley Gaines. Gaines argued that Thomas had significant advantages due to being biologically male.

Gaines announced this week that she was endorsing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for president.