Trump Promises To Release JFK Files

Former President Donald Trump made a significant campaign promise this week, vowing to release the remaining documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) in 1963.

Trump cited his release of thousands of files related to the assassination during his term in office. 

He said in a recent interview that “I will release everything else.” 

The former president vowed that this would happen “very early in my term.”

Trump has shown considerable interest in the topic in the past, including during his time in the White House. In 2017, the former president released nearly 3,000 documents related to the assassination.

At the time, the president said that “I am ordering today that the veil finally be lifted.” 

He also said that a number of documents would be either redacted or withheld. 

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo argued that some of the documents should be reserved. 

The National Archives reported at the time that 11% of the documents related to the assassination were partially censored and 1% were withheld from the public.

Trump followed the initial release with thousands more documents in several stages, including more than 19,000 additional records released in 2018. 

The former president also signed a directive to release more documents in 2021, which included an additional 12,000 documents.

The release of the JFK documents would represent a major shift in transparency for the federal government and intelligence agencies. The nature of the death of the 35th president inspired dozens of books and movies, as well as a public fascination that resonates 60 years later.

Should Trump be elected in 2024, the general public would have its first complete look into the killing and allow for further discussion regarding whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person involved in Kennedy’s death.

Late last year, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed potential new details of the assassination, including a potential CIA connection.

Kennedy’s nephew, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. recently announced a 2024 bid for the Democratic Party nomination.