Victor Davis Hanson Examines The American Socialist Revolution

Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative historian with an exciting perspective on the dangers facing traditional American institutions. Hanson published an opinion piece on August 16 that argues that a current array of ideologies are working in concert with the ‘woke apparat’ to destroy the nation’s identity.

Hanson cites a combination of movements and events that are making America as we have known it unrecognizable.

The lockdowns and medical mandates that have come from the COVID pandemic, unlimited money printing by the Federal Reserve, the unrest resulting from the death of George Floyd, the presidential election of 2020, and other happenings are all crashing together at once to set alight an explosion of revolutionary fervor.

The dissolution of the nation’s southern border by the Biden administration is destroying the concept of citizenship. The socialist ethos considers migrants from anywhere in the world as deserving of American prosperity, as are those who earned and developed the property that created it.

Hanson points out that as liberals and conservatives fight out small battles, the federal government is redefining private property out of existence.

The constitution was hardly a speed bump for Joe Biden’s bureaucrats who used flimsy COVID reasoning to destroy virtually every residential rental agreement in the country unilaterally. Student loan agreements are soon to be erased as well.

Of course, taxpayers and borrowers who were unfortunate enough to have repaid their loans will foot the bill. Universities that have already pocketed $1.7 trillion in borrowed money will feel no pain whatsoever.

Hanson also argues that the free and rapidly escalating federal spending that both political parties barely protest leads to unsustainable debt, unmanageable tax increases, and old-fashioned socialism. Meanwhile, the university education that everyone will be expected to receive for free will continue to be devalued and rendered more useless.

Other signs of a socialist revolution are the decriminalization, or outright subsidization, of misdemeanor theft and criminal activity by the homeless.

Meanwhile, the politically disfavored are deemed insurrectionist enemies of the state for walking around inside a government building.

Hanson also points out that American energy independence is being sacrificed at the globalist altar of climate change theology.

Finally, he reminds us that the Cubans of 1961 and the Russians of 1917 were primarily unaware of the Marxist revolutions happening right around them until it was too late to react.