Biden’s Handlers Push Socialism In Cartoon Presentation About ‘Linda From Peoria’

If you haven’t heard about socialism and its negative impact on every economy, touch upon the topic. You’ll realize how destructive it is and why the United States should stay far away from it.  

President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda is a full-blown socialism experiment where the government gives citizens everything they need, and nobody has to achieve anything. Find it here.

Cartoons depicting a mother who works in manufacturing needs the government to enter her life and pay for childcare, give her child pre-k, give the childfree community college, and the child ultimately gets a union job working on windmills and then when she gets older and needs Medicare to step on, they do.  

Here’s the problem with that. Everyone in that story was given everything they had. Unions tend to have a declined efficacy on the labor force. Union dues and other fees are taken out of paychecks that could be given to workers. Unions lobby politicians to get what they want regardless of what’s suitable for the employees. They are looking out for themselves and their profits.  

The cartoon also suggested that Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan will be long-term because there’s no other option. Governmental interference in Americans’ lives no matter what you think. The only thing that the White House web page doesn’t tell you is how much more taxes will go up. There will be tax cuts and tax credits, but why do that when taxes could be lowered from the beginning? The government wouldn’t have to give any tax cuts or tax credits if they let Americans keep more money. It’s a false sense of security. The idea that Biden’s trillions of dollars of spending will cost nothing and not affect taxes is ridiculous. It will cost Americans to buy products from companies that had their taxes raised because of their income level. It always trickles down.  

There’s no excuse for the government to intervene in Americans’ lives. If they wanted to help, they should give funding to daycare’s instead of citizens or make daycares tax exempt. But they don’t want to do that. They’ll probably raise taxes on daycares or place higher regulations on them to have more tax revenue flowing through daycares. It always evens out on the government’s side, if not become very profitable.  

Biden’s plans will make Americans make more money because prices are going up, and companies will have to pay more. Raising revenue will end up throwing a lot of people over the $400,000 hurdle. Buckle up, and we’re entering a new age of governmental control over our lives.